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Catch All Paddle Tail

Catch All Paddle Tail

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Introducing the Thrasher Catch-All paddle tail soft plastic! With its life-like action and amazing durability, this set up has been proven time and time again to catch a very long list of inshore saltwater species. It’s so easy to use, many anglers have caught their first fish with this lure! Hit the flats for some tight lines with Captain Thrasher’s Catch-All!

User Tips:

Fish this lure with a long cast and a slower retrieve. Let the lure sink to the bottom. With the rod tip down and the line taut, twitch the rod straight up 3-5 times, reel in the slack from jigging, and let the lure sink again. This process should be repeated until the lure is retrieved.  Minimize the slack to avoid missing a bite, as fish often hit when the lure is sinking.



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