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THE NEW Boat Trash Can XL 10 Gallon Bucket Topper! Extra Large Bait bucket.

THE NEW Boat Trash Can XL 10 Gallon Bucket Topper! Extra Large Bait bucket.

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Looking for a more convenient way of keeping your boat's bucket covered?

Let's be honest. It can be quite bothersome having to lift the lid and then put it back properly every time you need to throw something into the trash can. Step open trash cans are nice, until they break and lose their convenience factor (the very reason why you bought them in the first place).

Fortunately, there's a pretty handy solution available. It's an easy way to keep your bucket covered while still being able to use it without the hassle of fumbling with a lid.

Enjoy a hassle-free way of disposing your garbage with the Thrash Can Bucket Topper Trash.

Garbage in the water has always been one of the biggest problems for boaters. It's pretty common to hear stories of intake valves clogged by plastic bags or propellers strangled by discarded fishing lines. Not to mention the harm it causes to fish, birds, and other animals that live in or near the waters.

A certain portion of this garbage comes from boats, usually blown away from their trash cans or deck as they are underway. Here, our bucket topper can be of immense help. Our mesh cover can turn any 10 gallon bucket into a reliable garbage bin!

Aside from keeping plastics, papers, and other waste in the trash can, it makes it easier for people to dispose of their garbage. This in turn encourages them to be more aware of their trash, as well as take ownership of their role in helping to keep our waterways clean.

Still not convinced? Here are more features of our bucket topper to help you decide:

✅ Durable black mesh material
✅ Reusable and easy to clean

Make garbage storage and disposal in your boat more convenient. Add the Thrash Can Bucket Topper to your cart TODAY!
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